Creative Communications

What is your brand’s story?

We help to bring clarity to your brand in creative ways through words, images, and motion to evoke the desired emotions within your target audience and strengthen brand relationships. Using compelling story-telling, we translate the various touch points of your brand experience from offline into digital. This results-oriented marketing highlights your brand for increased awareness, visibility and engagement leading to maximum ROI.

Our creative communications services include:

  1. Content Marketing
  2. Content Writing
  3. Digital PR
  4. Social Media Marketing
  5. Email Marketing & Campaign Management.

Events & Experiential Campaigns

How could you shrug off a brand that treated you to an unforgettable experience?

Discovering new ways to stand out in a competitive luxury market is the only way to stay ahead. People are only too happy to embark on and share upscale once-in-a-lifetime experiences, extending the reach of your brand’s luxury messaging & keeping the brand top of mind for your audience.

It’s all about creating amazing experiences and really dynamic moments that are memorable and shareable. This is the largest thing we focus on for our events and campaigns.

Our events & experiential campaign services include:

  1. Concept Design & Development
  2. Digital PR
  3. Guest List Management
  4. Vendor Management and Project Management.
  5. Event Marketing

Corporate Partnerships

We act as a discreet, introduction broker – bringing together some of the most creative African and global luxury brands to explore critical issues & market trends.

The results are always the same, a coming together of like minds forging  strategic alliances & combined platforms – leading to share-of-wallet, customer loyalty & increased revenue within the Nigerian & Pan-African luxury market.

Fucaire leverages the engaged relationships our brands have across multiple platforms with the consumer – an audience of the highest quality & significant scale.